Oh, hello Hospital.

If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you would know the complications I had during my pregnancy with Rhea-Jane and all the hospital visits I had, however, with this pregnancy I haven't even done one Pregnancy Diary to keep you lot updated on the happenings so you probably think everything has been hunky-dory.

10 Biggest Pet Peeves

Some of these points may come across petty and bitchy but I really couldn't give a hoot. These are what bug ME. Most of them are small, some of them you will agree with, and some you will just want to slap me for.

The Secret and The Health

For two months I have been hiding away from my blog. Not because I have nothing to talk about, but rather because I have too much to talk about. If you have read my post from my last life update, (if you haven't, shame on you for not catching up - go get reading!) you would would know that me and Alexander are no longer together and I began a relationship with Adam.

The Raw Reality of The NICU by a Real NICU Mum

When you're in labour, you don't think about where your baby may end up. You think the world is one amazing happy place and your baby is going to be placed in your arms all pink and breathing, knowing that in just under 24 hours you will be taking your baby home with you... but what happens when that dream is crushed and your baby is pale white, not breathing, and sent to the NICU Ward?

Where have I been?

August 14th was my last post; shit, sorry! It's been quite a hectic few months especially since Rhea-Jane has been ill for a few weeks with a viral throat infection and she passed it on to me. Plenty to talk about, but honestly, my excuse is that I didn't have the laptop charger and my Blogger Mobile App is a pile of dog shit. 

Being A Blogging Outsider

At the beginning of my blog years, I blogged because I wanted an online diary; I didn't even know a community on twitter existed back in 2013. To be honest, that was the best year for my blog. In my first year, I gained two blogging friends from Malaysia and started an email pen pal sort of thing where every day I spoke to them and learnt about their cultures. Sure, I could of Googled Malaysia and seen what their culture is like, but for two girls that lives there emailing me about it, it felt more educating and personal.

10 Types Of Mums I Hate in Mum Groups

Every new mum-to-be searches for groups that support one another and give guidance throughout your pregnancy; we crave reassurance that we are doing things 'perfectly' and 'how it should be done.' First time mums look for answers from mums of more than one child because they think they are 'more experienced' and 'know better than everyone else.' Mums-to-be add themselves to groups in hopes that they can talk to other mums without being judged or insulted.

Let's talk PPD (PND)

Of course having a baby is all kinds of wonderful. Your newborns little coos, to gassy smiles, to shitty nappies, but what happens when you can't enjoy all these little things because your hormones are imbalanced and you've developed Post-Partum Depression (PPD)? 

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